Crimson Confidential: Francesca


crimson confidential francesca

Crimson Confidential:  Because the client /stylist relationship has no secrets!

crimson confidential francesca

September 26, 2014


aka  Francesca Brittingham (Facebook)

aka francescax8  (Instagram)

Stylist specialty:  Braids and customized clip-in extensions

Signature style:  Angled Cuts

Favorite hair color:  Blond!

Stylist inspiration:  Looking at everyone’s hair around me inspires my style ‘do’s’ & ‘don’ts’

I love Crimson because: Seriously, what’s not to love?

The Best Service at Crimson:  Our blow dry package

Favorite Product:  Bumble & bumble Pret-a-Powder

Trend to look out for:  The continuing evolution of ombre

Personal style inspiration:  Enhancing everyone’s natural beauty

Best celebrity look:  Emma Stone

Trendsetter:  Gwen Stefani

Style wish:  I wish I could work in heels!




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