The Daily Crimson: Danielle

The Daily Crimson Danielle

 A day behind the chair with your favorite Crimson Stylist


 What is the most important thing you have to accomplish in your morning before you get behind the chair?

Coffee & tunes!

The Daily Crimson Danielle

sometimes a smoothie!

 What is it about your clients that brings you behind the chair?

Pretty smiles on pretty faces!    
the daily crimson danielle

When you look around Crimson, what do you see?

the daily crimson danielle

Crimson’s Em’s virgin hair, by Danielle

After you leave Crimson, where are you headed?

Home to my loves.

the daily crimson danielle

the daily crimson danielle

These babes are havin’ a babe! Dmitri Nicholas Panew coming in March!


For more about Danielle:


Crimson Confidential


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