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Stylist Reviews



crimson accolades

Jen Cuts Master Stylist Andrea’s Son’s Hair

crimson accolades

For the first time ever I walked out of a salon loving my cut. Thank you Jen! You are the curl pro I’ve been looking for.

“The salon is amazing! Jen the owner, does my color/highlights. She is professional, but so down to earth. From the minute you walk through the door you are impressed by the unique design of Crimson Hair Studio. A lot of thought went into creating the unique, yet charming space. It’s upscale but not uptight or comfortable and the only salon I have ever felt like everyone is happy to work there, smiling, and their true desire is to make u look amazing.  I would trust anyone in the salon to do my hair; I haven’t seen one person leave without a big smile & amazing hair!”



crimson accolades

By far one of the best stylists in the city… Crimson for the best treatments/cuts! Everyone is Awesome!

“Danielle has been making me beautiful for many decades! Love her and love you all!”

“Danielle listens to me and creates realistic but stunning hair designs that I can replicate on my own. I feel welcome and well taken care of by everyone at Crimson.”

“I seriously had such a good experience. Danielle was funny and cool, I felt comfortable and I LOVE my haircut. I have already scheduled my next appointment:)”

crimson accolade

I have been going to Crimson Hair Salon for over 2 years and Danielle has brought my hair back to life! When I first went to Danielle, my hair was damaged and a brassy blonde color…she was so honest and knowledgeable on what I should do that I immediately started trusting her… I have gone through many beautiful shades of double process blonde with Danielle and today I trusted her to make me a brunette!  There has not been one time that I haven’t been extremely happy after my hair appointment at Crimson.  🙂



crimson accolades

“Buddy is a consummate professional and skilled artist in his craft. Also really like the online booking capability.”

“I love Buddy. My color is perfect and has never looked better. He cuts are fabulous too. The staff at the salon is very friendly and I feel quite comfortable there.”

“I love you guys and Buddy always makes me feel beautiful. Thank you!”

Crimson Accolades

Buddy Cuts Crimson Owner Jen’s Hair



crimson accolades

“Laura is awesome. She is very patient, is a great communicator, and really aims to please. She is the best!!!”

“Laura knows what she’s doing, especially with men’s cuts. Wouldn’t let anyone else touch these curly locks.”

“I love coming to Crimson. Everyone who works there is so nice and I feel so relaxed when I’m there. Laura is there best colorist and I always leave happy. My color this time is even better than ever! She’s amazing!”

“Excellent customer service and very friendly and welcoming staff! Laura is awesome and has great attention to detail. She listened to my ideas of what I wanted, gave great suggestions, and worked on my color until it ended up being the shade that I had in mind. Not once did I feel that she was rushing. I’ve never felt as happy walking out of a hair salon as I did after my appointment at Crimson Hair Studio. :)”

Crimson Accolades

“I have to say, I finally found my “go to” hair salon. I was searching for a new place because I wasn’t happy at the other salon I was going to, and that’s when I found Crimson. I read all of the reviews and booked an appointment with Laura – I couldn’t be happier! My husband loves my new haircut, but more importantly, *I* love it! I love the vibe of Crimson; from the exposed brick to the red tool boxes. All of the people I met during my appointment were very nice, and accommodating. That’s definitely a breath of fresh air in Center City, especially from the other salons I’ve been to. I recommend anyone who hasn’t found their “go to” salon yet, to try Crimson. I’ll definitely be back again and again!”


Winter Hat Hair Advice and Inspiration

“Francesca does a great job every time. I’ve been getting my haircut exclusively at Crimson for 4 years now because she always makes me look good and puts so much thought/work into it. I also greatly appreciate the polite customer service and enjoyable atmosphere.”

“Francesca is amazing. I dont know if she has a crazy good memory or y’all document bits of info on clients but I appreciate having a hair stylist who I might not see in months remember our last conversation.”

“I’ve been coming to Crimson for the past four years to have Francesca cut my hair. I’ve recommended her to all of my friends because I genuinely believe that she’s one of the most talented men’s hair stylists out there. I’m consistently complimented on my haircuts, and my friends who have switched over to Crimson all experience the same thing.
The salon is spacious but welcoming, bright, friendly and modern but slightly retro (think modern pin-up girl). The clientele seems to be a good mix of young and mature men and women. Two thumbs up and five-stars from me!”



Crimson Accolades

“Love Becky! She always does a great job and has made growing out my bangs/hair much less of a crappy transition!”

“So I effin LOVE Crimson! I had a really awesome brown to blonde ombre done that I needed (unfortunately) to get rid f for practical reasons. So I tried Crimson out. I’ve been seeing Becky ever since! She’s awesome.
My hair philosophy is this: I have a vague idea of what I want to do. But how the eff should I know what looks best? You’re the professional! Becky works well with this philosophy. She always picks a ballpark of my idea but better matches my skin tone and style. She’s good at picking up what looks good on me and what’s on my radar in terms of my style. I pretty much always let her do whatever the hell she wants. And it turns out awesome. Every. Time.
Last time she put green extensions in my hair. It was legit. And a good solution to my desire to have all over purple hair despite needing to keep it normal for work purposes. Ugh. Normal sucks. But Becky helps me rock normal.”



Crimson Client Acclaim
“I always go to Jeanne and she’s wonderful. I have very unique hair that isn’t always easy to manage. Every time I leave the salon she has be feeling amazing and gives me tips to manage my impossible hair. I always recommend her and the salon to everyone.”

“Jeanne was phenomenal! Her attention to detail and recommendations were well thought and welcomed.”



Crimson Accolades


“Thank you so much Sarah for my haircut. Hairstylists are a woman’s girlfriend, therapist, and adviser. You’ve helped me feel and look beautiful at a time when I really needed it. Thank you again so much I can’t wait to come back.”


crimson accolades

“I’m new to Philly and I’m really happy that I decided to go to Crimson… I absolutely love the job that Sarah did on my super thick, curly, and short 3b hair. I bleached and dyed it myself the night before and it came out horrendous… She corrected my mess and brought the life back to my hair using eco friendly yet very effective natural color and hair products. She took the time to listen to what I wanted, asked all the right questions, and knew exactly what to do. Not only that, but she is also down to earth and a pleasure to be around. The vibe of the salon in general is friendly, chill, clean and professional…”


Crimson Accolades

“I have gone to a lot of salons over about 25 years but Lisa is one of the best, always pleasant and efficient.  The talent at the salon is exceptional.”

Bridal Reviews:

Crimson Client Acclaim

“Becky is my go-to stylist and I was ecstatic when she was willing to trek to New Hope to do hair and makeup for my four bridesmaids and me. We had a variety of styles — some up-do, some down, airbrush, no-airbrush — and Becky nailed them all. No one looked overdone and we received so many compliments on how gorgeous the hair and makeup looked. More importantly, Becky was fun! She came prepared with music and snacks and was a great addition to our wedding party. We had such a fun time getting ready and Becky had us all looking fabulous and feeling fine.  Becky arrived early and paced everything perfectly so we were all ready to go right on time. Both hair and makeup miraculously lasted until 1:00am!!”

“Crimson is an all around great environment! The salon hip hip and chic, the staff is professional and friendly & they provide excellent service!  The hair extensions that Jen applied are top of the line! You couldn’t even tell that I had extensions in but they made my updo big and beautiful – everything that this bride always wanted!”

“We had a fantastic and relaxing time at the salon, everyone was nice, organized and helpful. All my bridesmaids and family were so happy with the way they looked and over all experience.  My style held all night! During the trial, we realized that we have to have my style a little tighter so it remained the whole day/night, and it did!”

“Francesca listened to my vision for my wedding style and created a completely secure, funky/wispy updo for me, which, for both the trial and the event itself, help up all day and all night (with plenty of dancing and hugging!)”

client acclaim

Crimson Stylist Becky’s Wedding Style by Jeanne

Salon Reviews:

crimson hair studio


“Crimson has become a beautiful respite in the middle of the bustling city. A rare gem of style, design, talent and comfort. The waiting area in and of itself is a gift- with coffee/tea/snacks and a generous and beautiful communal table and seating- it is a really warm and comfortablly designed space — although I rarely have time to enjoy it, every detail is appreciated. Jen’s meticulous skill with hair and her professional ease in communicating with whoever is sitting in front of her and LISTENIiNG and then translating that into what the person is asking for is an immense pleasure and a rare skill in this day and age! One of the best hair salons in the country- and as an avid traveler and woman who needs to get her hair did on the regular, I can confidently say that!”

“This is the best hair salon EVER!! My family all goes here and it is such a warm (yet incredibly stylish!) group of professionals and we all feel very cared for when we visit! Simply the best!!!”

“Love the vibe of Crimson Hair Studio: exposed brick walls, shiny-red Craftsman tool chests, coffee/tea/water available (and Halloween candy in the right month!), and noticeably as many men as women getting their hair cut/styled!”

Crimson Accolades